Chance Encounter…Hardly.

I’m trying to write down everything; I don’t want to forget all of the moments of encouragement along these next few days/weeks/months. 

We got out of the hospital yesterday. Having been cooped up for three days, attached to tubes and monitors, I needed to get out. I had Chris take me to Target (holla!) for a few things this afternoon. As we were leaving, I asked him to stop by TJ Maxx and let me peak and see if they had any newborn size sleepers, since it’s very likely our girl will come early, and be on the smaller side. (I haven’t bought anything newborn size up to this point, because, well, we didn’t use that size for our Eloise.) He, quite frankly, hates stores like TJ Maxx, so he stayed in the car with E as I popped in for a quick peak at their baby section…or so I thought.

I walked right to where I needed to look, but there was an older couple in the aisle, so I couldn’t get to the size I needed. Instead, I meandered around the aisles of larger children’s clothing, toys, and accessories, waiting on them to finish their shopping before I started looking. The older lady was digging through racks of dresses while her husband watched. I rounded the corner and the older gentleman walked right up to me, without hesitation. This is the conversation that followed:

Man: “Is that a girl that you’re having?” (pointing to my protruding baby bump)

Me: “It sure is!”

Man: “Is this your first?”

Me: “No, I have another little girl who’s almost two. This will be our second girl.”

Man: “Let me just tell you, little girls are special. We had sons, and then had three grandsons. Finally we got a granddaughter.”

Me: “They’re a lot of fun. And even more fun to shop for!”

Man: “Our granddaughter is extra special. She’s a fighter. When she was born, she immediately had to have heart surgery.”

I felt like my jaw dropped, as I could feel my eyes start watering up.

Me: “Our little girl is going to be extra special too. When she’s born, she’s going to have to immediately have surgery to fix her heart.”

He asked some questions about her condition, to which I answered to the best of my ability. The gentleman then called his wife over and explained what had just went down. She looked at me and proceeded to ask if I was a Christian and if I would be okay if she prayed over me and our unborn girl. As she laid hands on my belly, she began thanking Jesus for “our perfectly formed baby”. She prayed that any fear would be wiped away from my spirit. She prayed that whatever was causing her heart to malfunction would be healed.

I’m not really sure what I said after that. I stood in the middle of TJ Maxx, crying.

Chance encounter? Hardly. 

I left without purchasing a thing. I never even looked at the newborn section.

But I guess I wasn’t supposed to be shopping for newborn clothes today. 

Chance Encounter…Hardly.

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